Our Products

The distinguishing elements of a grinding wheel are:

  • Abrasives Aluminium - 10 types + mixes
  • Silicon carbide - 3 types + mixes
  • Zirconium + mixes
  • Abrasive Grit -150/180 different grits between nominal and combined
  • Bond - 30 types approx. (ceramics, resin, rubber and polyurethane)
  • Structure - 12 standard structures + special porosities
  • Curing various temperatures

Curing various temperatures. It is immediately evident that, by combining the above elements, it is possible to obtain extremely diversified grinding wheels.

Today are available, in addition to the traditional abrasives, the new super-abrasives derived from aluminium oxide and new carbides.

Our sales and technical team, composed by professionals with long and proven experience in the field, is at your service to assist you for any grinding process that will require extreme precision and utmost productivity.

At our offices, in Bologna, in addition to assistance, you will find, in our warehouse, a large variety of grinding wheels of any shape, dimension or type. In case of non standard types we can assure manufacturing and delivery in extremely short time.


Mole per rettifica in tondo esterna

Mole a disco per ogni tipo di rettificatrice, per lavorazioni tra le punte e senza centri. Per rettifica di ogni tipo di materiale e particolare, per lavorazioni di sgrossatura, finitura, superfinitura e lappatura.

Dimensioni dischi fino al diametro 1200, in tutte le forme e sagomature speciali.

Leganti per alta velocità ceramici, resinoidi, in gomma e poliuretanici.